Living in This World
Aaron and Angela live in northern Virginia with their geek spawn, thousands of books, and over a hundred board games. Aaron works as a government lawyer in Washington, DC while Angela works from home as a math tutor. They can be found at many local conventions as well as WorldCon and GenCon.
Dreaming about Other Worlds
Aaron is an avid reader and has a blog at Dreaming about Other Worlds where he reviews books and music. 
Playing in Other Worlds
Aaron and Angela enjoy playing games--video, board, and role-playing. In their gaming group, Aaron is the DM and is currently running a D&D 3.5 campaign. He has posted information about the campaign and his general house rules on his gaming blog, Playing in Other Worlds.
Moodling in Other Worlds
In addition to chasing the geek spawn and teaching high schoolers math, Angela is a seamstress and dabbles in fiber arts. She has many geek-inspired products in her online shop, mymoodles.
Learning in Other Worlds
Angela is homeschooling the geek spawn. She keeps track of their progress at The World is My School.